Rescuers (That’s Us!)

We have 7 pets. That’s alot, right?  I know.  Some days, I wonder what we were thinking. But each pet has its place in our family and we couldn’t live without their presence in our lives.  You probably have a gross picture in your mind of a stinking house with animals crawling around everywhere, but we have the pets divided in our house in a way that it isn’t really as intrusive as you are probably imagining.  I’ll tell you how we manage it.

We have a 3 story home.  On the first floor we have a dog, a cat, and 2 ferrets (in a cage-the ferrets only).  And that’s all.  So there are only 2 pets roaming free on this floor, for the most part.  At times, like when the ferrets’ cage is being cleaned, or the upstairs cats are brave enough to make the trek downstairs, there are more than that, but it’s not all the time.

On the second floor, we have 3 more cats.  There is a litter box in our basement and one in our bathroom on the second floor, which is cleaned daily to keep any odors at bay as much as possible.  At times, the downstairs cat goes upstairs and vice versa.  But for the most part, the separation is as I have described it above.

Now to the fun part. 😉


This is Dalton.  He is a rescue dog.  We got Dalton when a stray dog bit our daughter and we couldn’t find its owner, so we took it to the Humane Society.  While we were there, we met this little puff ball and fell in love.  We were told that Dalton was aGerman Shepherd/Collie mix, but obviously that was wrong.  The vet believes that he is a shelty/dachsund mix or maybe a beagle/long haired dachsund.  We don’t care.  We just love him to pieces.  Dalton is almost 13 years old.


This handsome fellow is a rescue that our son brought home when he moved back in.  He named him Lucifer, but I call him Lucy.  Lucy was a foster kitten before being adopted by our son.  He is very picky about his company, and he’s a lot of fun to play with.  He loves to hide inside things and spring out to surprise you when you walk by.  Lucy is almost 2 years old, I think.  We recently had a scare with him and he had to stay at the animal hospital overnight for an inner ear infection that was pretty serious.  We really missed him and we are so glad that he’s back to normal now.  Lucy lives downstairs with Dalton.


Here is Branca. Her name means “white” in Portuguese.  She was a Christmas gift to my husband last year, so she is not even a year old yet.  Branca is an albino, with pink eyes and nose.  She is very playful and energetic.  We took her to the vet because she swallowed some floor cleaner and we found out that she was a boy; but we were so used to calling her ‘she’ that we decided that we were going to continue to do so.  So “she” is really a “he.”

DSC_4785Her ‘brother’ is Smokey.  Our son brought Smokey home when he returned from serving his term as a U.S Marine.  Smokey is much older than Branca (although none of us know exactly how old he is) but he tires more easily than she does and he has a far more mellow temperament too. (Sorry for this bad photo, but isn’t it funny?)

The Upstairs Cats


Toby came to us in an usual way.  He was born on a local farm and when a friend of ours drove to the farm, as a tiny kitten, he clung to the bottom of the front end of the car and made it all the way back to our friend’s house where we met him.  Our friend’s son was allergic to cats, so we took him home and he’s been here ever since.  I can’t even recall how old he is.

Alice was a farm cat whose mother died inside a tire.  She and her brothers and sisters were inside the tire as well and were rescued by our friends who own the farm.  When Alice came to our home, she was tiny and sickly, with diseased eyes.  She had to make a few trips to the vet until she was strong enough to thrive.  Now she is a healthy, (large) cat with a sassy personality.  She is about 3 years old.

O.J. is our 20-pound cat.  He’s a gentle giant, who is sweet and neurotic.  He is a timid, nervous cat but he’s intuitive and is the first to notice when his humans are sad or are not feeling well.  O.J. was also a barn cat that we got from a friend.  He too was a tiny cat who was covered in fleas and had infected eyes when we brought him home.  That was about 6 or 7 years ago.

So there you have it.  This is why we so often say, “Welcome to the zoo!”  Our home is definitely a place where many hearts gather, both human and other.  And we wouldn’t have it any other way!  Thanks for reading. Until next time….

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